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De Correspondent is looking for a back end developer!

To boost growth and help devise the narrative forms of the future, we’re looking for a new back end developer at De Correspondent.

De Correspondent is a Dutch online journalism platform that serves as an antidote to the daily news grind. We publish articles daily, but strive to look beyond today’s latest news hype, to uncover the underlying structures that shape our world. We shift the focus from the attention-grabbing headline to the constructive insight. We went live in September 2013 and have since grown to 60,000 paying members, who make this independent journalism possible. De Correspondent is entirely ad-free, beholden only to our members and our journalistic principles.

Now nearly five years on, we want to grow faster. Not only by publishing better stories, but also by improving our platform. We want to build new ways to connect related stories and give our readers more ways to share their experiences and expertise. To do this well, we're looking for a new back end developer.

Our cofounder and partner Momkai designed and developed and our own CMS, Include. As of January 2016, De Correspondent has a dedicated team of eight developers who work at the newsroom to further develop the platform.

Developers are just as important to the future of journalism as journalists. After all, you have the skills to build these new narrative forms. Will you come join our team?

Who are we looking for?

  • You thrive in the dynamic environment of a quickly-growing startup. In other words, you are not afraid of chaos, you show initiative, and you want your work to have impact.
  • You pride yourself on writing clean code others can build upon.
  • You make pragmatic choices that are technically sound.
  • You have 3 or more years of experience as a back end developer.
  • You’re a member of De Correspondent or you support our mission.

What are your skills?

  • You’re an experienced PHP developer.

  • You’re proficient in MySQL (knowledge of Mongo and ElasticSearch preferred).

  • You’re familiar with tools like Git, Hubot, PHPUnit, Vagrant, Trello and Slack.

  • Experience writing tests for your code and using tools like New Relic for profiling code in different environments would be great.

What do we want to build with you?

  • Continual upgrades to our own publishing platform, Include.
  • More ways for members to share their expertise. After all, tens of thousands of members know more than our journalists alone could ever know.
  • Further integration of different types of articles in our journalism.
  • And of course, countless other fantastic features you believe De Correspondent shouldn’t be without!

What can we offer?

  • First of all, a lot of responsibility and room for initiative.
  • A competitive salary, commuting expenses, and a modest pension plan.
  • Great coworkers with ambition! Eight developers currently work on De Correspondent. There are also 17 full-time journalists, from a Sports Correspondent to a Europe Correspondent, Editors, Photography and Artwork Editors, Designers, Editorial Managers, a Publisher, and Acting Editor in Chief Maurits Martijn. 
  • You’ll work directly with our Head of Software Development, Jaap den Hollander, but you'll frequently hash out issues with journalists and designers.
  • You’ll also work with our creative partner Momkai at Barentszplein in Amsterdam, where the designers work who created De Correspondent from the ground up. And you can use Slack to ask them for help anytime.
  • Our newsroom is located near Amstel Station in Amsterdam.
  • The newsroom has a full kitchen, and we often enjoy home-cooked meals together.

We hope to start working together soon!

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